Multibeam sonar

  • Richard L. Shelmerdine (Manager)

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    Shetland UHI, Scalloway Campus, Port Arthur, Scalloway, Shetland, ZE1 0UN

    United Kingdom

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Our multibeam system is a hull mounted WASSP (WMB-160F) system fitted to our survey vessel, MV Moder Dy. The system has variable beam angles with a maximum swath of 120° port-starboard. From the 120° swath, the system receives 112 dynamic beams, with each beam containing detections from the water column and seafloor. The operating depth range is from 2–200m water depth. The system operates at a frequency of 160kHz with a transceiver output power range of 40W–1.5kW. Horizontal resolution of the system is fixed at 5.6m irrespective of depth. In water deeper than 11.6 m, the system will conform to IHO Order 1a requirements for horizontal resolution. Information from the multibeam is fed into the on-board Olex system which automatically corrects the water depth to the lowest astronomical tide (LAT) based on information from the nearest harbour. Data is exported as an xyz file with on-site side-scan and 3D views.


NameMultibeam sonar
ManufacturersElectronic Navigation Ltd


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