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A SHETLAND based lecturer has been recognised for her "highly interactive video conferences" at this year's University of the Highlands and Islands Teaching Awards.

Silke Reeploeg, who gives lectures for the Centre of Nordic Studies, bagged the most engaging video conference tutor prize.

Her sessions are broadcast across Scotland and beyond, and Reeploeg said that she was "delighted and proud" to be bestowed with the honour, which was voted for by those studying at UHI.

"Above all, I'm so pleased that international students have had such a good experience with the university's virtual learning environment," Reeploeg said.

"A huge thank you to the student panel at the University of the Highlands and Islands for their work in judging this year's nominations.

It's great to receive acknowledgement from those who matter most!"

A student in Germany - who has a hearing impairment - meanwhile paid tribute to Reeploeg's work after she tailored her lectures to make them more accessible.

"I don't think the video conferences could have been handled any better. Even though I am in Germany and Ms Reeploeg is in Shetland, it felt like a proper one-on-one live tutorial," she said.

Period2 Jul 2015

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