Fact Check-Images and videos of clouds passing behind the sun are optical illusions, not proof of ‘local sun’ orbiting ‘flat earth’

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    Period9 Nov 2022

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    Media contributions

    • Titlehttps://www.reuters.com/article/factcheck-clouds-sun/fact-check-images-and-videos-of-clouds-passing-behind-the-sun-are-optical-illusions-not-proof-of-local-sun-orbiting-flat-earth-idUSL1N3240RG
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      DescriptionDr Eddy Graham, a co-editor of the UK’s Royal Meteorological Society’s Weather journal (www.rmets.org/weather), told Reuters via email: “All clouds are of course in front of the sun – but sometimes optical illusions can occur (both with the sun and the moon, especially when they are close to the horizon) whereby the light from the sun or moon saturates on the lens of a camera or an eye when passing through tenuous or rather thin clouds (e.g., cirrostratus).
      PersonsEddy (Eddie) Graham