The promise and challenges of sharing qualitative data to understand trauma and resilience across the lifespan

  • Janet Heaton (Speaker)

Activity: Talk / Presentation / Podcast / WebinarOral presentation


Advances in data archiving have gradually led to more qualitative data being retained and reused in different fields of health research in the UK and internationally. In this presentation, I will describe the current state of the art, and discuss what it might add to understanding trauma and resilience across the lifespan.

1. To raise awareness of developments in international qualitative data sharing in health research.
2. To consider the lessons from this field for improving understanding of trauma and resilience across the lifespan.

Review of existing research on qualitative data sharing and selected examples of data reuse in trauma studies.

Qualitative data from research in allied fields is being successfully retained and reused internationally, but this practice is nascent in trauma studies. Secondary analysis of such data could help to improve understanding of what shapes people’s experiences of trauma over time; how and why their trajectories vary; the factors that promote and impede recovery and resilience at different points in time; and more. Current challenges include availability and accessibility of relevant datasets; methods of integrating qualitative and qualitative analyses of data; and lack of understanding of participants’ and professionals’ attitudes to data sharing in this field.

Qualitative data sharing is a feasible approach but currently under-used in trauma studies. It has the potential to make a vital contribution to research on trauma and resilience across the lifespan.
Period15 Jun 2023
Event titleTrauma and resilience through the ages: A life course perspective: How can we share and re-use data to advance trauma research across the life course? Lessons from traumatic stress and related fields (symposium)
Event typeConference
LocationBelfast, United KingdomShow on map
Degree of RecognitionInternational